Best Ryzen 9 Motherboard for your PC build | 2022

The launch of the Ryzen 9 processor has blown up the market. Whether you’re up for gaming, computing, or everyday tasks, the processor will not disappoint. Finding a Ryzen 9 motherboard for this processor is complex and involves extensive research and expert guidance.

In this context, we’ve reviewed a few boards. Today, we’ll present you with the best motherboards in terms of performance, features, aesthetics, and compatibility with the Ryzen 9 processor. So, let’s begin.

Quick Tips for Purchasing the Ryzen 9 Motherboard

Before you consider our review to purchase the Ryzen 9 motherboard, the following tips will help you prevent unforeseen troubles.

1: Form factor – When building a PC, make sure the motherboard form matches your PC case. Motherboards differ in sizes such as ATX, ITX, Mini-ITX, etc.

2: Overclocking support – Almost every modern game relies on overclocking. It allows you to get more FPS and gives you a fair edge over others.

3: RAM Slots – RAMs are crucial for multitasking and the more slots you get for your board, the more RAM you can install for better performance.

4: Warranties – Reputed motherboards manufacturers provide warranties on their board and it’s good to be on the safer side by opting for warranties. 

Our Top Picks for Ryzen 9 Motherboards

The below-listed Ryzen 9 motherboards are reviewed in terms of specifications and performance. Additionally, we’ve classified them in accordance with their value.

1: MSI MPG X570 Gaming – Editor’s Choice


The MPG X570 gaming from MSI is the best Ryzen 9 motherboard due to its sleek design that features a black PCB and the RGB lighting which complements the overall look of your build and allows customization through MSI dragon center. 

As for specs, you get an efficient VRM with an integrated cooling fan with the chipset. The fan is ultra-quiet and reduces temperature drastically. The core boost feature of this board optimizes  the Ryzen 9 processor and helps maximize its performance. 

In addition, the BIOS abilities of this board are outstanding and the overclocking performance is worth the price. The only downside of this motherboard is that the RAM support is capped at 3600 MHz.


  • Form Factor: ATX
  • CPU Socket: AM4
  • Chipset: X570
Simple BIOSLacks SLI technology
High-quality audio outputTroublesome assembling of the board

2: GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Master – Premium


If you’re looking for a premium Ryzen 9 motherboard and price is no concern for you, the Gigabyte X570 Aorus master will push your processors’ limit to the maximum. The motherboard offers a number of top features for about half the price of many high-end motherboards.

In addition, you get easy-to-use CMOS, with Flash buttons and Wi-Fi connectivity for online games. The individual heatsinks are also effective and the DualBIOS provides additional security to users. 


  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Chipset: X570
  • Socket: AM4
Premium FeaturesSteel plate feels heavy
Dual ethernet connectivityExpensive

3: GIGABYTE B550M DS3H – Best Looking


The B550M DS3H Motherboard from Gigabyte is the best looking Ryzen 9 motherboard. The RGB Fusion 2.0 gives stunning detail to this board which maximizes the overall aesthetics of your PC build.

In addition, you get 128GB DDR4 RAM support, graphics card compatibility, and SSD connectivity. The RAM memory speed is capped at 3600mHz which can be overclocked even more. 

This board features an HD audio codec that provides premium quality audio output to your headsets which is crucial in competitive gaming for locating enemies through footsteps. 


  • Form Factor: Micro ATX
  • Chipset: X570
  • Socket: AM4
RGB VisualsLacks DDR5 support
Reasonable overclockingWarranty not specified

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4: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII – Affordable Motherboard

Asus ROG Crosshair VIII

The list of best Ryzen 9 motherboards must include an affordable board that provides features enough for novice gamers. The ROG Crosshair VIII from ASUS is famed for its powerful performance.

In addition, the 14 + 2 VRM design and metallic alloys choke generate heat which can be cooled down easily via its multi-layered thermal heatsink and the RGB cooling fan. 

Moreover, the top-notch audio codec enables crystal-clear audio output to your headsets which helps you hear your enemies in games.


  • Socket: AM4
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Chipset: X570 
AffordableLacks Chipset Fan
Good PerformanceRGB needs improvement

Final Words

No doubt, the Ryzen 9 processors are making a huge impact on the industry. To utilize its performance fully, the above-listed Ryzen 9 motherboard will be beneficial. Furthermore, the specifications presented to you are researched and verified.

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